Invite your friends to Linkhome

We’ll give them $1000 for their time.

Could your friend use $1000?

Every dollar counts when buying or selling a home. We’ll help your friends set goals (a budget, too), and answer their questions with absolutely no obligation to work with us. Simply send an invite, and we’ll give them a $100 Amazon gift card just for taking the time to talk.


Invite your colleagues, too!

Copy and paste the below message and share on internal job boards like Slack and Teams. Remember to include your customized link so you get the credit

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When it comes to getting a gift card, there are a few things we wanted to call out:

  • There’s a limit of one gift card per person

  • We can modify or change this program at any time

  • By scheduling a call, you agree to get email from us

  • We can refuse service to anyone for any non-discriminatory reason

  • To get a gift card, you must complete an onboarding meeting with a Linkhome Agent

  • You do not have to buy or sell a home with us to get a gift card

  • The gift card is not redeemable for cash

  • We legally can’t pay the referring member

  • When referring, you’ll only invite people looking to buy or sell a home

That’s okay! There’s no obligation to work with us. After speaking with a Linkhome Agent, they can work whomever they please.

Not at all! There are two simple steps to get their gift card: 1) Schedule a quick 15-minute call to get connected to a Linkhome Agent who’s an expert in their local market. 2) Connect with that Linkhome Agent who’ll answer all their real estate questions.

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