Our Cash,Your Offer


Why Linkhome Cash Offer


Stand out

In the most competitive cities, a home will sell in as few as 10 days. Make sure the next one is sold to you by paying with our Linkhome Cash Offer.


Buy fast

With builders slowing down and demand on the rise, buying a home is more challenging than ever. We’ll help you buy in as few as 10 days versus 45 with a traditional loan.


Pay less

Most homebuyers pay 3% over the asking price. With our Linkhome Cash Offer, we can help you pay 3% under the highest bid.

How it works?

How Linkhome Cash Offer does more


Looking to buy a home you love? Worried you’ll lose out to bigger, bolder bids? Linkhome Cash Offer will power up your next offer—without breaking the bank.

•  Shop with confidence. Before you start touring, we’ll get you pre-underwritten, so you know exactly what you have to work with. No estimates, no guesstimates, just a budget you can bank on.

•  Move like lightning. When you find the home that’s right for you, your financing will be ready to go. No ifs, no maybes, no agonizing waits. With the Linkhome Cash Offer, you can close in as little as 10 days.

•  Supercharge your offer. With the Linkhome Cash Offer, your offer won’t be weighed down by financial contingencies. To your seller, it’s just money in the bank—guaranteed. That makes it hard to resist.

•  Keep your money, save your time. We are a one-stop-shop. When you combine the Linkhome Cash Offer with our other powerful buying tools, we can speed up the process and cut down your costs. More house, less hassle.

Let’s get moving!

Now that you’re ready to win with the Linkhome Cash Offer, you’ll be enjoying your house in no time. Contact us today to start your next journey toward homeownership!


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Email: buy@linkhomeai.com

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