Linkhome Tech Changes Life

3D virtual tours

Automatically generated 3D virtual tours that bring each test fit to life, providing an interactive and realistic experience.

3 Test fit alternatives

Optimized by AI-powered engines that automatically create, compare, and assess every option to produce the test fits.

Performance analysis

A complete analytic report which compares each alternative’s attributes, helping your clients make informed, data-driven decisions.

Real estate layout planning done in seconds

Close more deals faster with Linkhome’s planning solution, generating AI-powered layout plans and 3D virtual tours at the click of a button.

Unlock valuable insights with Linkhome’s AI.

Linkhome digital twins go beyond 3D virtual tours by transforming your properties into valuable data. With features like detailed layouts, informative labels, precise measurements, and comprehensive analytics, our advanced AI engine provides instant access to powerful insights that can revolutionize the way you interact with your spaces.

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Redesign a Home from Top to Bottom

Interiors with AI

Exteriors with AI

Gardens with AI


Beautiful Redesign and Stunning Transformations

Want to make your home look stunning inside and out? Our Beautiful Redesign interior ai feature can do just that. It helps you change up your place in different styles, making it look amazing. Redesign any type of interior, exteriors or gardens.

Before After Style: Farmhouse Room Type: Front Mode: Fill The Exterior

Creative Redesign for Interiors and Exteriors

Give the AI the freedom to be artistic with Creative Redesign. It can make more exciting changes to your house or interiors, creating a one-of-a-kind design that really stands out. Let AI rearrange furniture or redesign your house and give it a different perspective.

Custom AI Intervention Strength

Take charge of your design journey with AI Intervention. You decide how much the AI should help. Whether you want just a few suggestions or a complete makeover, it’s all up to you.